bp and BWT Alpine F1 team forge deeper partnership for sustainability at Enstone site


bp has solidified its partnership with BWT Alpine F1 Team, signing an agreement to enhance the sustainability journey at the Enstone site in Oxfordshire. The Enstone facility is crucial for the team’s Formula 1 operations, encompassing design, development, manufacturing, and assembly of components and systems for their race cars.

Under the agreement, bp will leverage its advanced data measurement and analysis tools, including DIGBOX®, to assess power consumption data comprehensively. DIGBOX® employs smart algorithms to analyse real-time data, identifying opportunities for optimising energy usage within the facility. This initiative aligns with BWT Alpine F1 Team’s commitment to sustainability and aims to boost energy efficiency and resilience.

Nicola Buck, SVP Marketing Customers and Products at bp, expressed enthusiasm about the expanded partnership, highlighting bp’s integrated approach, expertise, and technology. Buck said, “Our experience working with BWT Alpine F1 Team is a testament to how we can use our integrated approach, expertise, and technology to help empower the team to meet its sustainability goals and continue to contribute to their ongoing quest for excellence on and off the racetrack.”

Rob White, Operations Director (Enstone) at Alpine F1 Team, maintained the enduring trust and confidence built over the years with bp. The partnership extends beyond the racetrack, with bp’s expertise and innovative technology providing real-time insights into energy consumption at the Enstone Technical Centre.

He said, “now, bp expertise and innovative technology will help to drive our sustainability journey beyond the track through with real time insight into energy consumption at our Enstone Technical Centre. Working with bp, we will be working to reduce the environmental impact of our activities on site to create an enduring legacy of excellence beyond the racetrack.”

Since 2017, bp has served as a technical partner for the BWT Alpine F1 Team, developing fluids and fuels for the team’s cars and industrial products used in the Enstone facility. The partnership is set to evolve further as bp works on developing 100% sustainable fuels ahead of the FIA Technical Regulations requirements, enabling the Alpine F1 team to compete sustainably in Formula 1 events from 2026.

The partnership showcases a shared commitment to sustainability and technological innovation, demonstrating how collaborative efforts can drive positive environmental impacts in the competitive world of Formula 1.

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