Binn Group leads the way in sustainable waste management

Members of the Scottish Parliament Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee pictured on a visit to the Binn Group Eco Park in Glenfarg, Perthshire....From left, Douglas Lumsden MSP, Mark Ruskell MSP, Guy MacGregor Binn Group Head of Business Development, Jim Brown Binn Group Commercial Director, Edward Mountain MSP and Ben Macpherson MSP. Picture by Graeme Hart. Copyright Perthshire Picture Agency Tel: 07990 594431

A group of Scottish Parliamentarians (MSPs) recently embarked on a visit to the facilities of Binn Group, a pioneering waste management company located in Perthshire. The purpose of their visit was to witness firsthand the company’s innovative and sustainable approach to waste management. This visit was a significant step in their scrutiny of the Scottish Government’s Circular Economy Bill, highlighting the importance of sustainable practices in Scotland’s waste management sector.

Binn Group, renowned for its commitment to adopting eco-friendly solutions, showcased its progressive initiatives during the visit. The company has been proactive in promoting sustainable practices throughout its waste management operations, earning accolades for its efforts. Last summer, Binn Group, in partnership with Paprec Energies, secured a groundbreaking £50 million contract from Perth & Kinross Council. This 10-year contract aims to transform residual waste into energy, aligning perfectly with circular economy principles.

Moreover, Binn Group collaborated with Robertson, a leading construction and infrastructure company, to address the health, safety, and environmental implications associated with disposable vapes in Tayside. This strategic partnership underscores Binn Group’s dedication to mitigating the environmental impact of disposable products, further solidifying its reputation as an industry leader.

During the visit, MSPs were given an in-depth tour of Binn Group’s state-of-the-art facilities. The company’s senior management provided valuable insights into their sustainable and regenerative practices. Jim Brown, Group Commercial Director at Binn Group, expressed his delight in welcoming the MSPs to the Glenfarg site. He highlighted the company’s commitment to promoting sustainability across their operations. Brown emphasised, “Our Glenfarg site provides a useful model which demonstrates greener and sustainable solutions aligned to circular economy principles.”

Among the prominent attendees were Edward Mountain MSP, Ben Macpherson MSP (Deputy Convener of the Energy & Transport Committee), Douglas Lumsden MSP, and Mark Ruskell MSP. Their visit served as a testament to Binn Group’s exemplary efforts and innovation in the realm of waste management.

This initiative not only underscores the importance of adopting sustainable practices in the waste management sector but also emphasises the need for legislative support. As Scotland continues its journey toward a circular economy, Binn Group stands as a shining example, leading the way with its environmentally conscious initiatives. With its forward-thinking approach and commitment to sustainability, Binn Group is paving the path for a greener, more sustainable future in waste management, setting the benchmark for companies nationwide.

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