Beattie launches new entrepreneurial marketing agency

Gordon Beattie and Emma Tyson
Gordon Beattie and Emma Tyson

Beattie Communications has launched a new entrepreneurial marketing agency.

Only Marketing will serve only dynamic and fast growing SMEs and ambitious start-ups.

“We’re not interested in working with large corporations or lifestyle businesses,” said founder Gordon Beattie.

“We only want to work with entrepreneurial companies hell-bent on revolutionising the sectors in which they operate.

“Every marketing agency on the planet wants to work with big companies with big budgets – we don’t. We want to work with the job creators of today and the wealth creators of the future.

“All our services are designed to enable budding businesses to grow faster.

“For instance, instead of offering standalone services like PR, social and digital, we provide bundles of services designed to accelerate the growth of our clients.

“We also offer virtual marketing directors to ensure client have access to the services of top flight marketing strategists.

“We are also prepared to in-board staff into client offices so that our clients can have all marketing services in-house, if that’s what they choose.”

Director Emma Tyson highlighted a flexible billing structure where Only Marketing is prepared to take equity instead of fees.

“We’re also willing to stagger payments for big website projects,” she said. “Our goal is to make sure the growth of our clients is not held back by lack of funding.”   

Only Marketing will operate only in the UK for the time being, sharing the offices of Beattie Communications in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Emma Tyson continued: “The plan is to bring together a core team of 20 entrepreneurial marketers over the next couple of years.

“We’re not interested in bringing traditional marketers on board. We’re looking for super-talented people with an entrepreneurial mind set.”

Laurna Woods, CEO of Beattie Communications Group, said: “Only Marketing gives vibrant SMEs the creative agency they deserve – a communications boutique that’s designed from the ground up with them in mind. It’s a unique concept in the world of marketing.”

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