Astute move as new financial planning venture launched in Scotland

From left - Neil Wheelan and Paul McCabe
From left - Neil Wheelan and Paul McCabe

Two experienced financial experts have launched a new Edinburgh-based financial planning company.

Established by independent financial advisers, Neil Wheelan and Paul McCabe, Astute Financial Planners Ltd will offer a range of services in financial planning.

Between them both men boast a combined financial service experience of more than 40 years.

Located in Rutland Square, Edinburgh, Astute will target individuals with financial advice including basic life cover needs, Inheritance Tax issues, income protection and wealth management for those who are approaching or indeed at retirement.

It will also provide advice to business owners who require a personalised and tailored employee benefit package.

Commenting on the establishment of Astute, Paul commented:

“Neil and I are incredibly excited to have founded Astute Financial Planners, realising long standing personal goals for us both. Being responsible for either a client’s health or indeed finances carries a tremendous responsibility and one we are both relishing.

“We are excited to be building a business that has the client at the heart of the financial planning experience, priding ourselves on choosing to be different from traditional financial planning methods which can often involve the purchasing of a generic financial product or wrapper.”

Neil said:

“The knowledge and insight that Astute will offer is founded upon decades of relevant experience of delivering financial planning to clients.

“At Astute we will make the client experience focus on lifestyle financial planning, crafting bespoke solutions for each different client by providing a tailored approach. By doing this we aim to provide a slightly different market offering from many of our competitors.”

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