Association of Business Mentors and Institute of Directors re-launch professional mentoring and development collaboration

Jon Geldart (IoD Director General) and Simon Fordham (ABM Chair)

THE Association of Business Mentors (ABM) and the Institute of Directors (IoD) is re-launching a collaboration to support their members with professional mentoring and development opportunities, creating an industry-leading combination of two essential practices that drive business success and growth.

The collaboration will see IoD members matched with experienced and qualified ABM mentors. In parallel, ABM members will have the opportunity to join the IoD community.  

Many business owners and leaders are still unaware of the tremendous positive impact that working with a professional mentor and undertaking professional development will have on their business. The expertise and skill of a well-matched professional mentor has the power to transform the growth and viability of businesses, from financial health, operational growth and sector success to employee health and well-being. Having the opportunity as a business owner and leader to develop professional skills helps ensure that businesses can succeed and thrive in today’s economic landscape. 

Simon Fordham, ABM Chair, said: “The opportunity for ABM members to mentor IoD members is an exciting development for the professional business mentoring landscape and business community. Professional mentors are the “secret weapon” for business success, bringing huge value to businesses. We look forward to mentoring the UK’s leading Directors, helping their businesses to grow and prosper.”

Jon Geldart, IoD Director General added: “I am pleased to announce this collaboration with the ABM. Just like our professional development courses, which are run by directors for directors, IoD members will now be able to benefit from the experience of business leaders who have ‘been there and done it.’ Directors of businesses of all sizes can benefit from the external perspective and fresh insight that a mentor can bring.”

Today’s collaboration demonstrates the vital role that professional business mentoring and development has on the business community and future success of the UK economy. The two organisations are working closely to develop more initiatives over the coming months.  

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