APS calls for action to tackle climate change

Ray Bone (APS President)

COMMUNITIES and livelihoods are being threatened by climate change, the Edinburgh-based Association for Project Safety [APS] said today [Monday 25 September 2023] at the start of Scotland’s Climate Week (until 1st October). 

Association President Ray Bone said the construction sector in Scotland needed to work together to limit the damage the sector poses. Bone lighted the fact construction projects represent around 38 per of global climate emissions.

APS is committed to supporting net zero emissions by:

• Showcasing steps construction professional can take to limit the impact of the sector on the environment.

• Providing education and training for members and others in the built environment – find out more at:https://www.aps.org.uk/category/webinars?topic=aps-energy-week&sort=manual

• Signposting further study and accredited e-learning modules offered by from the Scottish Business Climate Collaboration that help people gain knowledge on climate action and sustainability.

APS President, Ray Bone said:

“Climate change touches us all. It threatens all our tomorrows and those of future generations. The construction sector – as one of the biggest contributors to global climate emissions – has a responsibility not just to create homes and places to work, learn and relax but to build sustainably for the future.

“Scotland’s climate week is an opportunity for the construction sector to take a hard look at what it is doing and the materials it uses. More needs to be done to reuse old materials and repurpose existing buildings. But the focus must always be on safety. Today, that means making sure construction workers and indeed all building occupants, can be assured the places they live, study and work are soundly built. But it also means we need to keep an eye on the future and work together to tread more lightly on the planet.”

The focus of Scotland’s climate week this year is on achieving maximum impact in the fight against climate change. For more information on APS’s initiatives during Scotland’s Climate Week, and to access valuable resources, please visit APS’s Website www.aps.org.uk. 

APS is a signatory to https://www.cic.org.uk/policy-and-public-affairs/climate-change

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