Apropos attracting business partners across the UK

David Alexander
David Alexander

New property management company, Apropos by DJ Alexander has signed up business partners in some of the largest cities in the UK including Manchester, Liverpool, Reading, Leeds and Newcastle, as well as having 44% of London covered.

The firm, whose recruitment website was launched on 1st July, is confident of attracting more partners in the coming months and reaching its target for the launch later this year.

The firm, which last week was named by the London Stock Exchange Group as one of the 1,000 companies to inspire Britain, has found that prospective partners are attracted to its no fee, partnership model which is different to others in the sector. Apropos is radically different from existing models in the sector and aims to attract high quality property professionals and letting agents interested in a long-term partnership with the business.

David Alexander, joint managing director of Apropos by DJ Alexander Ltd, explained: “We are progressing well and have made significant signings across large parts of the UK particularly in the major cities. We are seeking driven, professional individuals for these roles and apply a rigorous and detailed recruitment process, and we reward our partners with a very good deal.”

“We’re not charging a joining or monthly fee, which offers commitment to the partner, supporting them as they develop and grow their business.”

David continued: “We want our partners to feel directly involved, to be a part of the business and to understand that they will directly benefit when the business grows. It is as much in their interests to expand the business as it is in ours. As part of this, a further benefit that distinguishes Apropos from its rivals is that our business partners have the opportunity to build up a monthly recurring income and, more importantly, build up a residual value for themselves for the future.”

“We’re delighted to be named by the London Stock Exchange Group as one of the 1,000 companies to inspire Britain and we want our business partners to be proud to be a part of a dynamic, innovative and successful team. Our Partners have been very positive about the ethos behind Apropos understanding that while making money is important, it must be done using a fairer, more equitable system of property management. This, in itself, will be a powerful tool in selling the benefits of the business to both landlords and tenants. Many of the property professionals we have been meeting understand we are trying to change the sector and believe that the market will respond positively both to our methods and our system.”

David concluded: “We are at the beginning of something that will be big. I believe that we will change the way the market operates through a series of important innovations in the way we work with business partners, landlords and tenants. By combining our innovative online infrastructure with traditional face-to-face engagement, we believe we have all of the requirements to ensure our business and our partners will be successful.”

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