Alpheus scores ‘dram’ fine win with Glenmorangie

Declan Maguire, Managing Director of Alpheus Environmental and Celtic Anglian Water

LEADING solutions provider in the water sector, Alpheus Environmental, has toasted another major contract win working with Glenmorangie Distillery in Tain. The contract commences this month.

Alpheus Environmental, with its sister company Celtic Anglian Water (CAW), are the contracting arms of the Anglian Water Group operating in the UK and Ireland respectively.

Alpheus will operate and maintain the wastewater treatment plant for the distillery, responsible for the production of the world-renowned single malt whisky, driving down operational costs. The win heralds major growth plans for Alpheus in 2020, with a strong emphasis on targeting the food and drink sectors.

In addition, as the treatment will incorporate an anaerobic digestion process, green energy will be generated as a by-product of this which will be returned to the distillery, enhancing its already strong sustainability credentials.

Three full-time Alpheus members will be employed onsite, supported by other engineering resources.

The contract win provides for a long-term commitment between Alpheus and Glenmorangie enabling the delivery of long term sustainable value to the client. The win further compliments the suite of design, build and operate contracts in key sectors such pharmaceuticals, food, and manufacturing that Alpheus and CAW have targeted and secured.  

Through adopting, technologies and processes developed in the water sector such as advanced water and wastewater monitoring and treatment processes increases in production can be delivered in a more sustainable manner. Through its Innovation Group, Alpheus will also be working with Glenmorangie on delivering this increased level of sustainability in treating their wastewater stream on site.

Commenting on the win, Declan Maguire, Managing Director of Alpheus Environmental and Celtic Anglian Water said:

“We are delighted to have been successfully awarded this contract, supporting Glenmorangie in the production of some legendary whiskies and assisting them in operating their plant in the most sustainable way.”

“In addition to protecting the Dornoch Firth, the recovery of energy from the treatment process feeding back into the distillery makes it highly sustainable and beneficial for the environment.”

“We greatly welcome the opportunity to work with Glenmorangie to deliver further efficiencies for this business over the coming years.”

“We are always seeking to bring the new innovative water and wastewater treatment technologies and processes developed in the Group to other industrial, commercial and municipal clients in the UK and Ireland.” “Businesses have always had challenging growth objectives, however, now more than ever there is an increasing demand to deliver this growth in a sustainable manner. One way of helping to achieve this is by managing the treatment of the water and wastewater streams using the most advanced and technologies available, we endeavour to do that in a cost-effective way for our clients.” 

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