Additional funding released for Museums Galleries Scotland

Edinburgh's National Gallery

AN additional £500,000 will be provided to Museums Galleries Scotland this financial year to help tackle ongoing cost of living challenges facing the sector and enable more energy efficiency projects to be funded across Scotland.

Culture Minister Neil Gray confirmed the funding during the launch of Scotland’s Museums and Galleries Strategy 2023-2030 in Edinburgh today.

Mr Gray said:

“Scotland has a diverse and impressive wealth of heritage and culture, and this is amply represented in everything our excellent museums offer – to the people of Scotland and to the many visitors we welcome every year.

“Given the current cost of living challenges, and the tough financial situation that we are in, we have to prioritise activity to creating a more resilient and sustainable sector. That is why I am delighted to announce an additional £500,000 in funding will be provided to Museum and Galleries Scotland. This funding will be to increase resilience in the museum sector, including enabling more energy efficiency projects to be funded.

“The Scottish Government continues to recognise the important contribution that the museum sector can and will deliver to our communities, and to our national priorities including the economy, our journey to net zero, and our health and wellbeing. The increased funding for resilience will assist the sector to be more sustainable and ensure it is better able to address these priorities.”     

Lucy Casot, CEO of Museums Galleries Scotland, said:

“We warmly welcome the announcement of additional funding for our sector from the Scottish Government. We had a huge response to our Resilience Fund and we are very pleased that this funding will enable us to support more museums and galleries to manage ongoing cost of living challenges and to undertake energy efficiency projects.”

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