Action kit launched to help Scottish businesses take a greener approach to transport


Scottish employers have been urged to draw up plans to cut their emissions and encourage greener travel among staff when Covid restrictions are eased.

Shared transport charity Collaborative Mobility UK (CoMoUK) has launched an action kit for Scottish businesses which could cut costs for businesses as well as reducing their carbon footprint.
It is aimed at everyone from small start-ups to large companies across the country, and “gives organisations the knowledge and tools to effect change and get started on their journey to more sustainable ways of travelling”.

Designed to help prepare firms for the return to normal, the five-step guide urges employers to identify goals such as reducing the mileage of their fleet and cutting carbon emissions, reducing business travel costs and cutting on-site parking provision.

Companies are given guidance to help them choose a shared transport scheme, such as car clubs or bicycle hire initiatives to help achieve their goals, and given advice on behaviour change steps to encourage workers to use them alongside public transport and walking and cycling.

CoMoUK, the country’s shared transport charity, pointed to schemes already adopted in other parts of the country which have already paid off, like a car club approach within Highland Council which has saved £900,000 and 649 tonnes of CO2 since the scheme launched in 2018.

Other firms have rolled out lift-sharing trials to ease parking concerns, one of which resulted in 83 per cent of staff members signing up.
Richard Dilks, chief executive of CoMoUK, said:
“We know Scottish businesses and their workers want to do more to reduce pollution, and this action kit is designed to help them prepare for when restrictions are eased and we start to return to normal.
“Employers who encourage shared transport not only help the planet but can save money for their business and employees too.
“When Covid restrictions ease, this presents a chance to make positive changes in the process.
“Firms can reduce their own grey fleet use by looking at shared transport alternatives.
“Our research has also shown workers who begin cycling to work through bike-sharing initiatives often improve their own physical and mental health as a result.
“This action kit gives businesses the guidance they need to start the preparatory work now.”

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