Ace Aquatec gets on board with Greek distributor Stamatiou

Kyriakos Stamatiou (Ace Aquatec)

DUNDEE-headquartered Aquaculture technology specialists Ace Aquatec have appointed Stamatiou Aquaculture as their distributor of their award-winning in-water electric stunners in Greece. 

As the EU’s largest producers for farmed sea bass and gilthead sea bream, exported to over 42 countries, this partnership will accelerate Greece’s adoption of newer, higher welfare technology at the point of harvest.  Ace Aquatec’s in-water electrical stunner has a 100% stun rate and an impressive record of reducing stress at harvest, making it well-equipped to meet increasing consumer demand in the region for improved husbandry and higher levels of animal welfare.

With over 30 years’ experience in the aquaculture industry and an established client network, Stamatiou Aquaculture is well-placed to share expertise with fish farmers interested in improving welfare standards and quality control at harvest.

Ace Aquatec’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Tara McGregor-Woodhams, said: “Demand has increased three-fold for our in-water stunners this year as supermarkets, consumers and regulators demand clearer efficacy around the slaughter of seabass and bream. Establishing a partnership with Stamatiou, who build state-of-the-art vessels for over 70% of the industry in the Mediterranean, means we can work together to equip these amazing boats at the outset with the best technology to improve welfare without compromising efficiency.”

Stamatiou Aquaculture’s CEO Mr. Kyriakos Stamatiou added: “Sea bass and sea bream are known for being particularly sensitive to suboptimal farming and harvesting conditions. We have always championed technology that will allow seafood to be harvested more humanely, so it’s great to be working with Ace Aquatec to incorporate their innovative solution in our designs.

This partnership heralds a significant advancement in harvesting standards in the region.”

Earlier this month, Ace Aquatec appointed Pisces as their key distributor in North, Central and South America. The newly formed partnership supplies the in-water electrical stunner to its customers across the Americas, where fish welfare and ethical practices have moved to the top of the agenda for many producers, supermarkets and consumers.

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