Accelerate Your Path to Leadership Excellence: Unmasking Leaders Workshop 2024 with Gavin Bryce

Gavin Bryce

AS THE challenges facing leaders become increasingly complex, the need for effective leadership has never been more crucial. With this in mind, renowned author and leadership specialist Gavin Bryce is inviting senior executives, entrepreneurs, and CEOs to join him for the highly anticipated Unmasking Leaders Workshop in Scotland later this month.

Leadership success often hinges on overcoming internal barriers that hinder growth. Gavin Bryce, author of the Amazon bestseller, offers a transformative solution through his Unmasking Leaders Workshop. This exclusive one-day event equips participants with proven strategies and techniques to unmask their inner critic and reclaim their confidence, ensuring they lead with conviction and clarity.

Imposter syndrome and self-limiting thoughts plague even the most accomplished leaders, stifling progress and hindering performance. The Unmasking Leaders Workshop is tailored specifically for senior executives, entrepreneurs, and CEOs, offering practical insights and tools to break free from self-sabotage and cultivate resilience in leadership and life.

Gavin Bryce said: “Your role as a leader is getting tougher. You must successfully navigate a range of increasingly unpredictable forces to move your business in the right direction. Leading a business or team, whether you are a business owner, partner, or employee, presents a unique set of challenges.

“The daily demands on your time, energy and resolve can seem limitless. The pressure and sense of isolation can feel overwhelming. You want your leadership to make a difference. You want your decisions to move you forward, bringing everyone on the journey with you. You want your leadership to matter,” says Bryce.

Spaces for the Glasgow workshop in February are filling up fast, underscoring the urgency for leaders to secure their spot and unlock their full potential. Participants will gain invaluable insights and practical tools to lead with confidence, make better decisions, and propel their careers to new heights.

Key Benefits:

Based on Gavin Bryce’s Amazon best-selling book

Proven strategies to overcome the inner critic

Transformational journey of rediscovery and growth

Workshop Objectives:

Gain insight into the impact of imposter syndrome on individual and organisational performance.

Identify triggers and manifestations of the inner critic in daily life.

Overcome self-sabotage and decision-making paralysis.

Retrain thought patterns to achieve desired outcomes.

Foster trust and productivity within teams.

Cultivate confidence and resilience in leadership and life.

Unmasking Leaders Workshop Dates 2024:

Location: Glasgow

Cost: £395

Dates: February 29th & April 11th, 2024

Time: 09:00 – 17:00

The Workshop can be booked via

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