Aberdeenshire businessman creates a handy solution

L-R Handy Soultion founder Iain, Angus the Bull and AFC captain Joe Lewis

AN Aberdeenshire businessman has partnered with AFC Community Trust to deliver a product that encourages people to keep their hands clean, and contribute to charitable causes at the same time.

The Handy Solution, a company founded by husband and wife, Iain and Emma sell individually designed holders for the safe storage of hand sanitiser.

The company was formed after the founders realised that their family and friends didn’t have an easy and safe way to access hand sanitiser when in public spaces.

Iain said: “Now more than ever, it’s so important that everyone has easy access to hand sanitiser. There are lots of places where keeping your hands clean is especially difficult, places like school playgrounds, parks, and beaches, which is exactly why we came up with this product to allow you to carry hand sanitiser on your person for easy use.

“We have a whole range of fun and creative designs that are aimed at appealing to children.

“I know myself as a parent, the challenge that we all face in keeping our child’s hands clean, while also encouraging them to engage, explore and interact with the world, post-COVID.”

In addition to the designs specifically for younger hands, Iain and Emma have also partnered with AFC Community Trust.

Iain said: “It’s fantastic to be able to work with the AFC community trust to offer a bespoke selection of AFC Handy Solution products, the proceeds of which we will be donating directly to the trust, to benefit a wide variety of different local causes.”

As well as a partnership with AFC, Iain and Emma have plans to support other local causes moving forward, including local schools and PTAs.

“It just makes sense to do as much good as possible with these products. It’s obvious that from now on, people are going to need to be much more conscious about keeping their hands clean if we can offer an easy way to do this, while also donating to worthy causes at the same time, everybody wins” said Iain.

Since launching Iain and Emma have been inundated with requests from businesses for custom Handy Solutions. The team has expanded and developed to now offer custom Handy Solutions with company logos.

“I’m excited to see where the launch of this project takes us, with this fun and Handy Solution for keeping your hands clean”

For more information or to purchase the Handy Solution product range visit their website.


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