Aberdeen FC star launches new business

L-R Stuart Wilson, Shay Logan & Matthew Wilson

ABERDEEN FC star Shay Logan has launched his own plumbing & heating business.

It comes after the 32-year-old defender revealed earlier this year he had been secretly training to become a plumber.

He has teamed up with fellow director Matthew Wilson to create Logan Wilson Plumbing & Heating.  They’ll be joined by Stuart Wilson who takes on the role of contracts manager.

The move sees Shay put down roots in the city as he looks at life and a career beyond football.

He said:  “I love it here in Aberdeen.  We’ve just bought a new house, my wife is from here, and this is where I want to stay.

“While I earn a good living playing professional football I also know that when football comes to an end and it’s time to hang up my boots setting up this business will allow for hopefully a smooth transition from football into a new career.

“It was about me thinking of life beyond football. It’s important and something I needed to do. The time felt right.

“The new business is exciting and we are looking forward to getting going with it.  We want to achieve a reputation for providing quality workmanship. This isn’t just a gimmick.”

The company will carry out maintenance, installation and refurbishment works across the North-east with their office based in Dyce.

Shay still has around a year left before he completes his apprenticeship.  So far it’s been a mixture of time on the tools and then the practical work being completed at college. 

Although he’s still to finish his training he’s looking forward to getting stuck in with the practical side of the business when he can.

He said:  “Obviously at the moment football has to be my priority and my main focus.

“But I finish training at about 1pm and there’s nothing stopping me from helping out. If there’s estimates I can do that.  I’ll be right in the mix and get on the tools when I can.

“Plumbing is a million miles away from my day to day with football.

“But that’s why I enjoy it so much.  It’s so different. I could be playing Rangers on the Sunday and then the next day I’m in at college.

“I do most of my practical work from home and send it in when I’m done.  Or I go in when I need to speak to the tutors.

“But at college I’m just a normal guy doing my training.”

Shay has already carried out some work at the homes of former teammates Graeme Shinnie and Barry Robson.  And when it comes to his fellow players he’s had some of the usual wind-ups.

He said: “Yeah the lads will make comments but they know it’s something I’m serious about and since telling the gaffer he has been nothing but supportive.

“Everyone, including my family and friends have been brilliant about it.

“When I was about 25 it was actually my Nan who said to me that I needed to think about a career for after football.

“I did want to do welding to start with because of offshore but it just didn’t work out.  It was then I decided to do a trade.

“It was either go into gas, electrician or plumbing. Plumbing and gas come together, it’s the same course.”

AFC manager Derek McInnes has commended Shay for his decision.

He said:  “It’s fantastic to see Shay leading from the front and planning for his future out-with the game.

“We all know football can be a relatively short career and as a Club we actively encourage all our players to think about what the future may hold for them when they finish playing.

“I’ve no doubt Shay will give his new business venture the same level of commitment he gives Aberdeen FC every time he takes to the pitch.”

Shay knows his job as a professional footballer will lead to the business being more in the spotlight.  But it’s something he’s used too.

He said:  “There was one job I turned up at and when I was finished I went through and there was about 20 people there.  The woman had invited most of her family round to meet me in the time it had taken me to do the job.

“But I don’t mind at all. That comes with it and I know that.  If I had Sergio Aguero at my house I’d get everyone round.”

The trio are now looking to the future success of Logan Wilson.

Shay said: “It was about a year ago we first discussed it but it feels like the right time to do it.  It’s going to be good for all of us.”

Matthew said: “It’s been something in the background that we’ve thought about. But the time is right.

“We are looking forward to building the business and growing our reputation by providing a good service.

“As Shay has said this isn’t just a gimmick. We are in this for the long run.”

Stuart said:  “We want to hit the ground running and are determined to make it a success.  We are all looking forward too it.”

Shay, Matthew & Stuart’s next step is to start recruiting.

For more information please visit www.loganwilson.co.uk

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