9 Best Colleges to Study Business


The choice of college might be overwhelming. There are plenty of opportunities and many excellent programs to consider. It is particularly true when it comes to a Business major. A lot of higher education institutions offer it, and one might get lost in the variety. 

The safest bet is to start from the top ones – internationally recognized colleges with a great reputation and impressive track record. Of course, applicants also may worry that they are not eligible for the best ones or that they won’t be able to follow the curriculum. 

Surely, top colleges are competitive and require a lot of effort to apply to and study in. Students have to visit lectures and seminars and complete a decent number of written assignments. However, there is always help out there. If you are struggling with academic writing, you can choose the best paper writer at WritePaper to help you with any type of college paper. Experienced professionals assist with writing, editing, and formatting. This is particularly useful for those who have English as their second language. 

It is good to know that there is someone that can come to the rescue in case of need. So worries about a tough curriculum should not stop you from pursuing your dreams. After all, it is about getting relevant and applicable education. 

If you are interested in studying Business, here are the top colleges to consider. 

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University of Oxford

Not surprisingly, one of the best places to study Business is the University of Oxford, a world-known and respectable institution. It is welcoming to the international students – 45% of all students here come from other countries. However, it is quite difficult to get in because of high competition. 

UK students can apply for support packages and non-refundable bursaries. The BA programs here are outstanding and focus on the practical application of knowledge. Students can join Saïd Business School, which also offers online educational opportunities as well as great job prospects for alumni. 

University of Pennsylvania 

This institution is one of the top-rated when it comes to undergraduate Business programs in the world. Other praised majors here are Finance, Management, and Qualitative Analysis. So if you are planning to open a business after graduation, this can be a perfect study place. 

Here students can study at Wharton School, which hosts about 5,000 learners. Among the alumni of this college are CEOs of Google and Apple. Also, the university has a great campus and many study-abroad opportunities. However, the acceptance rate is pretty low – 8% because of the high competition. 

University of St Andrews

It is the oldest university in Scotland (founded in 1413) that provides high-quality education in many fields. There are several undergraduate and graduate programs one might be interested in when applying to the School of Management here. The benefits of this institution include: 

  • Top-notch education with the opportunity to study abroad for a year; 
  • Versatile student body with learners from more than 50 countries; 
  • Excellent research opportunities; 
  • Great campus. 

Overall, this institution is one of the best not only in the UK but also in the world. There are also several financial support programs as well as non-refundable bursaries available. 

University of California – Berkeley

UCB is another excellent institution in the US when it comes to innovative and well-designed Business and Management programs. Young people can join the Haas School of Business for undergraduate and graduate courses. 

It is relatively small and hosts about 2,200 learners. The campus is located in the city, which offers a dynamic lifestyle for students. The acceptance rate for the whole university is about 18%. But it provides an outstanding education with an emphasis on practical application. Half of the classes have less than 20 students, which is quite good. Financial support is provided for several categories of learners. 

University of Bath

The next outstanding college to consider is the School of Management here. It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as MBA programs and Ph.D. Here one can enroll in:

  • Accounting and Finance courses (4 years with a work placement or 3 years without it); 
  • Business and Management (there is a 4-year program with work placement); 
  • Management with Modern Language courses (great for those who want to launch an international business or want to learn another language);
  • General or Specialized MSc;
  • Finance MSc; 
  • Online MSc. 

It is one of the leading Business Schools in the UK that provides amazing career prospects to alumni. 

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Harvard University

Harvard is another world-recognized institution in the US HBS is known for its excellent curriculum and wide research opportunities. It has an undergraduate program, but mostly it is known for MBA and doctoral studies. 

Students can acquire a Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies in Finance or Management. They are full-time two-year studies with a focus on practice. There are also 8 Ph.D. degrees one can choose from as well as some online courses with certifications. 

The school provides excellent career prospects for the alumni. Undergraduate students can enroll in summer programs to prepare for further education. 

University of Warwick 

WBS welcomes learners for courses of all levels, from undergraduate to doctoral studies. One of the strong points of this institution is outstanding online education. Distance learning MBA here is the second in Europe and the third in the world (QS Online MBA Ranking 2022). 

And the full-time MBA program here is also recognized as the top one in the UK (Economist, 2021). One can apply here to such courses as: 

  • BSc Accounting and Finance; 
  • BSc International Management; 
  • BSc Management; 
  • MSc Accounting and Finance; 
  • MSc Business and Finance; 
  • MSc Business Analytics; 
  • MSc Business with Marketing (including knowledge on digital marketing that will come in handy for any entrepreneur); 
  • MSc Global Central Banking and Financial Regulations, etc. 

Overall, it is a well-established institution with high-quality curriculums. The campus is located within a 2-hour drive from London. And it welcomes international students. 

University College London

ULC School of Management is also among the top ones around the globe. It provides undergraduate, graduate, and executive programs. The disciplines include management, entrepreneurship, business analytics, and management science. 

The school incorporates industrial experience for learners to gain practice. There are also joint courses and opportunities to study abroad. Another advantage is the career support for alumni with coaching, guidance, and workshops. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is often associated with STEM education. But it is not the only field this institution is great for. It is also one of the best when it comes to Business and Management studies, particularly for undergraduate students. 

The Sloan School of Management here is an alma mater for about 1,600 students. It is a private organization with a pretty low acceptance rate – about 7%. This is because of the high competition to get in. The majority of classes (70%) here consist of less than 20 people. 

One can also enroll in graduate, executive, and MBA programs here. 

In Summary 

All of these colleges are among the top in the world when it comes to the quality of education. They offer well-crafted and practical courses as well as further career prospects. Surely, the competition to get in is pretty high, but the result is worth it. If you get into one of them, you’ll get to learn from the best. 

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