7000 square feet up for lease at new Dundee Innovation Parc

Kirsty Thomson (far left) with the rest of The Circle team

THE Circle, an award-winning social enterprise based in Dundee and Glasgow, is to lease nearly 7000 square feet of workspace at Dundee’s new Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP).

The Circle at MSIP will offer accessible work, event and meeting space, and office pods, to social enterprises, community groups, charities, and start-ups. 

The workspaces – which will be located in the former Michelin factory’s recreational club, known as the Mac Club – will be available on a fair-rent basis, which includes flexible, no-deposit, short-term leases.

The Circle will work with Invertay Homes, another progressive Dundee business providing affordable homes, to create the extra office pods at the MSIP site. 

Tenants who will move into The Circle at MSIP include charities, Togs for Tots and Partners in Advocacy.

The workspaces and pods being offered by The Circle at MSIP will enable the social enterprise to expand its portfolio of fair-rent, flexible workspaces, to meet growing demand across Scotland.

The Circle has also recently taken over the management of two council-owned buildings: Dudhope Castle in Dundee, and the Westwood Business Centre, in Easterhouse, Glasgow. Both had previously been used as commercial office space and had been empty for several years.

The 20,000 square feet of workspace at Dudhope Castle was awarded to The Circle last month [February 2022] and is already fully booked. Tenants include charities, Barnardo’s and Cornerstone, and social enterprise, Uppertunity.

Approximately half of the 20,000 square feet of workspace now managed by The Circle at the Westwood Business Centre in Glasgow is now occupied. Tenants include social enterprise, Glasgow Sling Library, charities, Action for Children and Barnardo’s.

Greig Coull, Chief Executive Officer at, MSIP said: “This is a really exciting time for The Circle, with ambitious future plans. I’m pleased that MSIP can be one small part of that.”

“The impact The Circle has already made and will continue to make on Dundee and those that live here is incredible.” 

“There is strong community interest in the space that was formerly the recreational club. I’m sure our local community will be pleased to see the space being put to good use with The Circle breathing new life into it.”

Kirsty Thomson, Founder & CEO, The Circle, said: “There is a growing demand for flexible, accessible, fair-rent workspaces across Scotland. The Circle’s move to MSIP Dundee represents an important stage in our development as we work to meet this demand.” 

“This is a fantastic opportunity to develop this innovative site for use by community groups, charities and social enterprises. We would like to thank MSIP for helping us to bring our vision to the new Innovation Parc and we look forward to working with MSIP in the future.”

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