7 reasons why building a home is a great idea

More people are choosing to build their new home rather than buying one that is already standing

BUILDING your own home used to be something people would dream about but never put into practise. However, these days more people are choosing to build their new home rather than buying one that is already standing, but why is that? Here are seven reasons why building a home is a great idea. 

You Don’t Have to Compromise

When you think about your wish list there may be several things that you want your dream home to have. It might be that you can’t live without a large driveway, a dual aspect living room, or a walk-in shower. However, when you start to look for a home that has already been built, you realise that if you want to move then you will need to compromise on your requirements or stay put for longer. 

The only way to get a home that has been made exactly how you want it to be is by building it yourself because you can make sure it has all the features you are looking for. It is no wonder why this option has become so popular in recent times. 

You Can Adapt It to Your Needs

A builder will build a home to sell to the masses. They may have enough creature comforts to make the style popular, but it is unlikely to suit everyone. If you build your own home, you can build it with your own needs in mind and your own family. You will be building it to live in rather than to sell and whatever works for you is the way you can build it. 

You can have full design control, or you can choose to work with an architect who can provide you with fabulous drawings of your dream house that you can then have made or build yourself. Whatever you decide to do you should check out 24 Housing, a fantastic resource when it comes to buying land and building your own home. They have some fantastic ideas and will give you helpful tips on how to complete your self-build project. 

You Can Choose Your Location

Many people buy a home based on the location they want to live in, but this depends on them finding the right house in the right area. If you build your own home, then all you have to worry about initially is finding a plot of land. Then you can build your home however you want to. It certainly takes the hassle away from having to find a property that is perfect in every way from the outset. 

You Control the Quality

Professional house builders are in the industry to make a profit and they will often enhance their profits by using cheaper materials when they can. If you build your own home, you don’t have to compromise on quality in the same way. You can research and resource the building material yourself, meaning that the house can be built to your quality specifications rather than anyone else’s. This could save you money on repair bills in the long run and you will have peace of mind knowing that your home has been built to last. 

You Can Learn a Lot

House building can be hard work, but you will certainly learn a lot by doing it. If you want to get stuck in and do some of the work yourself, you will need to learn to be brilliant at DIY and no matter how good you were to start with, there is always more you can learn as you will be building the house from scratch. This will give you a great insight into how the process works and once your home is ready to move into you will never groan over small DIY tasks again. 

It Is Good for Budgeting

If you don’t want to compromise too much you don’t have a lot of control over the price of the home that you want to buy. An estate agent will value a house depending on how big it is, how many bedrooms it has, and how much comparable properties in the area have been selling for. When it comes to making an offer, you might get a few thousand pounds off the asking price but there won’t be a lot of room for negotiation.

Building your own home tends to be cheaper than buying because you can negotiate more. There is the cost of land, the cost of materials, and the cost of labour to consider. You could lower some of the labour costs by doing the work yourself and the end result will be a better standard of quality at a cheaper price. 

When you buy land and build your own home, you pay stamp duty on the land rather than on the completed house, which can save you a small fortune in tax and means that you have more money to put into building the house. 

You Could Make a Good Profit

The finished house is likely to be worth a lot more than it cost you to buy the land and build your home. This means that you have made money on the project as soon as it is finished rather than having to wait for house prices to increase in the area.

You may not want to sell your home straight away but at least you have the satisfaction of knowing it is worth more than it cost you. If you are savvy and you have a mortgage on the property you could use this increase in value to renegotiate your mortgage deal. This could save you some money as more companies will be willing to lend to you and the rates are usually better for built houses rather than self-builds. 

These are just seven reasons why it makes sense to build your own home and you can probably think of your own too. No wonder so many people are looking at building a home and deciding that it would suit them perfectly. 

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