6 Ways Students Can Use Excel in Life and Studies


IN THE 21st century, students have access to a variety of technologies and tools that make their studies and lives in general simpler. Some of these tools are already deeply integrated into young people’s lives. Still, there are many others that you can make great use of, even if you don’t realize it yet.

One such tool is Excel. It has been around for years and is considered to be a great assistant for certain professionals. But not many realize that it also holds plenty of opportunities for students.

Just like different apps or your favorite dissertation writing services that you use to manage your time and secure high grades, Excel can become an irreplaceable assistant in your studies and daily life. In this article, we are going to tell you about the top six ways you can use this program in college and life and make the most out of it!

Goal Setting & Planning

The importance of goal setting is often underestimated by students. Nevertheless, it is something each of you needs to achieve success. According to experts, setting smart and manageable goals can help you gain more concentration and create a set of achievements in school. Also, if done right, it will help you focus your time and other resources more effectively and gain more motivation. Apart from goal setting, proper planning is also an integral element of success. Whether in college or personal life, you always need a clear plan to achieve greater results.

Traditionally, both goal setting and planning can be done manually on paper. However, in order to do everything right, there is always the need for accurate calculations. Excel can make this process much easier. With its help, you can set goals and plan your time in the tiniest details without wasting extra time.


We all know that students live on a tight budget. At the same time, they always have plenty of expenses. An average student needs to cover all college-related costs. Also, there are accommodation and crucial everyday expenses. And, then, there still must be some bucks left for using the best assignment writing services to achieve academic success and for personal expenses and leisure too. To cover all these costs, wise budgeting is an absolute MUST for everyone in college.

The core issue with budgeting is that it’s hard to master. Effective planning of your financial resources requires solid financial literacy, as well as good math skills. Of course, there are many modern apps for handling this matter. Still, Excel is the most time-tested and reliable solution. Using it, you can create budget sheets, enter all your income and expense data, and analyze everything with no effort. Using this tool, you can even study your spending patterns and define the perfect savings pattern for improving the quality of your life and attaining set goals.


Just like your money, your time and personal resources require proper planning too. Being a student, you must have your days packed with lectures, lessons, tests, homework, deadlines, and other important things. Proper time management and scheduling are the only ways to keep up with everything and ensure success. And this is one more way you can use Excel in college.

This great tool enables users to create convenient weekly, monthly, and even yearly calendars. You should create your own to plan your days and studies effectively. Excel is great for this purpose as it makes it super easy to compile, organize, search, filter, and simplify large amounts of data.

Handling Any Calculations

Each of us has to deal with lots of different calculations and math problems on a daily basis. This happens in school, at work, and in our personal lives too. This is why knowing how to do basic calculations is so crucial in the modern world. Still, while some people are naturally good at math, the majority of us find such tasks pretty hard and time-consuming.

Excel can make this much easier. This program features a huge number of formulas and mathematical operations to let users solve both basic and advanced numerical calculations in no time. With its help, you can deal with literally any math problem quickly and easily. And it can also help you hone your own calculation skills.

Enhancing Data Comprehension

While in school, students have to deal with plenty of information. Needless to say, sometimes, looking at a huge amount of data that you have to process, analyze, and comprehend can cause lots of stress. When this happens, the best way to overcome the challenges is to visualize this data, and that’s where Excel helps.

Using this tool, you can compile large sets of data into smaller and simpler sheets. This will give you a more comprehensive look at your information. As a result, you will be able to process the information faster and easier while also enhancing its comprehension.

Expanding Career Opportunities

Today, employers are shifting their focus from hard to soft skills. That is, instead of searching for the most experienced professionals, they are looking for the right personalities who have leadership, time management, organizational, and communicational skills. These are some great news for students who will soon face the challenge of trying to get employed with no experience. Nevertheless, hard skills are still there, and they can score you a few extra points during the recruitment process. And Excel is one of the most sought-after ones.

According to statistics, 82% of jobs require Excel knowledge and skills. Therefore, if you start using this tool now, you will not only solve your current challenges easier but will also strengthen your resume.

The Bottom Line

Compared to many modern apps and software, Excel can look like something too complicated and outdated. However, when you start using it, it turns out to be incredibly simple to use. And at the same time, it can have plenty of great applications in your studies and everyday lives.

Now you know about some ways to use this tool in college. Be sure to give it a try!

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