5 Tips for ensuring productivity in your small business


As a small business owner, you might be discovering that productivity is lacking in your company. This can significantly interfere with your bottom line so it’s time to look at just what it takes to ensure productivity in your small business. The following five tips will get you on the road to success quite quickly.

1. Find Ways to Leverage Technology

Whether you are looking to automate processes or are trying to leverage Information Technology throughout all your business communications, the best way to leverage technology without spending a small fortune is to outsource those duties. For example, if you are seeking to update your office IT to secure safe communications, why not hire an IT support London team of experts? One award-winning team is London-based Totality Services. This team of IT experts can handle all your IT concerns. To see just what this entails, view their website here.

2. Have All the Tools Necessary to Succeed

Altogether too many small businesses don’t have all the tools on hand that are needed to succeed. This really should be a top priority and if finances are lacking at the moment, it could be that those tools would give you the revenue needed to invest in them. A small business loan or an invoice factoring company might be able to give you the financing necessary to get those all-important tools. From office machines to production tools, each and every one is a necessity for productivity.

3. Short Daily Team Meetings

One thing many small businesses don’t do regularly is to have those short, daily team meetings. This can help to keep everyone on task with a vision toward the end goal. Team meetings also help to keep everyone motivated and the input you receive is also an invaluable resource. Who knows better than those out on the floor what is lacking? If you want to be highly productive, these meetings are the key.

4. Streamline Processes

Another thing those daily team meetings will provide is a path toward streamlining processes without over-communicating. List responsibilities and the path from concept to product and you will find that productivity is increased exponentially. Once duties are detailed and each team or employee knows the path to the next process, it will run smoother than you had ever dreamed possible.

5. Establish a Clear Line of Communication

While email is effective, sometimes that entails back and forth communications which are a huge waste of time. Have you considered video conferencing such as through Zoom or Skype? A quick call with visuals can hasten communications significantly. Think about that old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Therefore, instead of trying to imagine and visualise problems a team member is having, you can see it on screen, making it much clearer and easier to deal with.

If you find that your small business is failing in the productivity department, why not take these simple steps to keep you on task with a minimal amount of effort? Don’t forget that there is also the option to outsource if you can’t afford an entire department. Stay focused and stay on task and watch how quickly productivity is increased.

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