5 Best Whisky to Shake Off Your Nasty Cold

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Everyone knows how a good drink can work wonders for you, especially after that very long week at work or after a nasty heartbreak. A good buzz can keep you relaxed when worrying about very trying issues. However, drinks are not only good for the buzz that results in a wicked hangover the next day. Drinks, especially those based on whisky, can give you quick relief from a nasty cold.

How Can Whisky Help Deal with Colds

A cold can be one of the most debilitating experiences for most people. The period is characterized by a blocked nose, a regular cough, and at times, consistent feelings of lethargy. The best way to get over a cold is to take an antihistamine and spend the day in bed taking soup. But indeed, that is not the case for you, right?

A whisky drink can be one of the most refreshing drinks one can take when dealing with a cold. Whisky drinks provide relief from colds by helping your blood vessels to dilate. As a result, the white blood cells and the mucus membranes deal with the infections, thus leaving you in top shape.

Here are five of the best whisky to take when nursing a cold.

1.     Whisky Neat

Apart from being a classy and elegant drink, a neat whisky in a shot glass is a brilliant drink to take when dealing with a cold. Whether you decide to go for some of the Scotch or Irish whiskies or the excellently brewed Weller Bourbon, taking whisky neat will greatly benefit your cold. Taking whisky neat clears your throat and nasal system while helping your blood vessels dilate. The drink also increases blood circulation, which in turn helps your body handle diseases and infections more effectively.

2.     Whisky on The Rocks

It may appear counterintuitive for someone to drink a cold whisky when battling a running nose and a cough. However, take this advice with a grain of salt as pouring your whisky on ice, or as it is popularly called, on the rocks, could be great in helping you nurse your cold. Whisky on the rocks is a classic drink, much like the whisky neat. However, the drink has the extra advantage of being an excellent drink for decongesting the nasal airways. Taking whisky on the rocks also reduces the edge of the drink and hydrates the body, which can be good for anyone with a cold. However, you must

3.     Hot Toddy

The Hot Toddy is one of the most famous whisky cocktail drinks. Any bartender must be able to make a decent Hot Toddy. What makes the Hot Toddy one of the best whisky drinks to help shake off a nasty cold are the ingredients for the drink. The Hot Toddy is a well-mixed drink encompassing hot water, lemon, honey, and whisky, all infused in a short glass. Adding some ice can be counterintuitive, considering that you want the drink to be hot. The Hot Toddy gives a calm and relaxing effect, keeps the drinker warm, and helps decongest the airways, relieving the symptoms of a cold.

4.     Winter’s Truce

As the name suggests, the drink provides a quick and satisfying truce with the symptoms of a nasty cold. The drink has components that ordinarily have an analgesic effect on their own. Coupled with whisky, the drink has an extended impact on anyone battling a cold. The ingredients of this drink are ginger, honey, cinnamon, and Angostura bitters mixed with two shots of fine whisky and allowed to rest for a few minutes.

The combined effect of honey, ginger, and cinnamon, traditionally the main ingredients for a concoction for cold relief, and whisky increases the ability of the drink to help battle the cold. Taking a Winter’s Truce helps ease a running nose and a cough and can be very efficient in clearing a sore throat. When dealing with colds, taking a Winter’s Truce helps handle multiple symptoms, most of which ordinarily result in a tiresome and draining battle with the infection.

5.     Whisky Chai

Chai is one of the best drinks to take while nursing a cold. However, if there’s anything better than regular old chai, it is whisky chai. Unlike many whisky drinks, which may require extra effort and skill, the whisky chai is a straightforward drink to prepare. Before making it, you will need to grind all the spices into a fine powder. The best herbs are cinnamons, peppercorns, cloves, cardamom, ginger, and nutmeg. After scouring the spices, simmer some milk in a saucepan while adding sugar and tea. When the milk has boiled, strain it out of the pan, clean it, and return it while adding some sugar. Lastly, bring the mixture to a boil and serve it hot.

Parting Shot

Dealing with a cold does not always have to be a burdensome and intolerable experience. With the five whisky drinks listed above, you can quickly relieve your symptoms, thus allowing you back to your routine in no time. However, remember that excessive consumption of these alcoholic drinks could be harmful to your health. In the same vein, avoid handling heavy machinery when taking these drinks for your safety and that of others.


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