4GLOBAL looks to bring data insights to Scotland

Neil Tandy (4GLOBAL)

4GLOBAL, the UK’s leading sports data and advisory services company, will begin work to expand its unique DataHub and Social Value Calculator, following incredibly successful operations within England and the European market, with physical activity participation of more than 21 million individuals now being monitored and measured.

Within the English market, 4GLOBAL’s insights and tools have already shown being sporty and physically active produces £72 billion in savings to the health service and to wider society. In addition, 4GLOBAL’s Social Value Calculator allows local authorities and  operators to understand the demographics and needs of their local users, enabling the tailoring of facilities, classes and services available.

Incidents of cardiovascular disease are much higher in parts of Scotland than England. According to the British Heart Foundation’s most recent data, Glasgow alone experiences double the number of premature heart and circulatory disease deaths than Manchester. 

Neil Tandy, Account Manager 4Global, said: “Having already been able to help so many operators and local councils within England and across Europe, we feel it is the natural step to expand our offering to Scotland. With the unique challenges Scotland faces, we feel the insights 4GLOBAL can offer will be a vital tool in improving health outcomes and generating social value.”

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