4 Essential pieces of equipment for your UK construction business


If you are starting a construction business in the UK, there is a list of equipment that is worth investing in so that your business will be chosen for more contracts. Most of this machinery can be found refurbished or used, to reduce costs when starting out. Below we look at five essential pieces of equipment for your UK construction business.

1. Forklift

Every construction business needs a forklift, as this is the simplest way to get heavy items from A to B. Forklifts are a very convenient piece of equipment that can be used no matter what the project. Buying your own can also save time, especially if you plan to rent a forklift. Waiting for a company to bring a forklift to the site can take a while, which doesn’t look good for business.  

To find the best forklifts for sale in the UK, check out Multy Lift. Their website has a range of cheap forklifts for sale that have been refurbished to a high standard. With over 30 years of experience, they can help your construction business find the best forklift for the job.

2. Bulldozer

Bulldozers are a handy piece of machinery for quick work at a construction site. A bulldozer can speed this process when you need to clear up at the end of the working day. There is a range of different bulldozers available depending on what kind of construction work you will be doing.

Visit a reputable dealer or research online for the best bulldozers, so you can find one within your price range that also has enough power for the job. You won’t need anything too big unless you are going to be offering large-scale demolition.

3. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Safety is your number one priority when owning a construction business unless you want a lawsuit on your hands. You need to have a full set of PPE for every worker, with the right sizes available for them. This includes head protection, earmuffs or earplugs, hi-vis jackets, and safety goggles.

You are expected to provide footwear to your employees too, but many construction workers will already have steel-toe boots, so check with your employees before ordering. Conduct regular inspections to make sure that PPE is worn correctly at all times.

4. Excavator

An excavator is another essential piece of equipment that should not be missed when starting a construction business. They can help with excavation but have many other purposes, such as cutting trees, heavy lifting, and river dredging.

The more you can offer as a construction business, the more likely you are to win your first construction contract. Excavators can be found in many shapes and sizes, with multi-purpose excavators being the most common for new businesses.

These four essential pieces of construction equipment can get your construction business off the ground. Be sure to get trained and certified on any piece of equipment before using and always wear appropriate PPE to reduce accidents and stay safe at work.

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