3 Best Colleges & Unis in Scotland to Study Finance

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THE modern world is developing at an incredible pace, which affects all areas of life, especially pricing policy and exchange rates. Therefore, the ability to allocate financial resources is becoming one of the most sought-after competencies. Finance is the driving force of the economy. And to study it, students from various countries enter the best universities.

In the process of studying, they deal with taxation, corporate finance, strategic financial management, accounting, analysis, etc. Later, they find jobs in banks, small and large businesses, financial institutions, and funds. Thus, graduates decide to work as auditors, brokers, traders, loan officers, accountants, and many others. So, which school in Scotland to choose to get decent knowledge and have excellent job prospects? 

In this article, we explore the top three universities. Of course, you will need to study the admission process and the academic program, so allow plenty of time for this in advance. And if you lack it, there is a way out. Just type «I need Essaypro to write my essay for me» in the search bar and send your assignment to the author. Voila, your homework is in good hands. 

And now you can start planning your future admission!

The University of Edinburgh

We’ll start with the most prestigious and the world-famous University of Edinburgh. Founded in 1582, it offers on-campus courses for bachelor’s and master’s degrees. In addition, the school provides pre-entry, short-term, and professional growth courses. 

It is a great idea to enter this university for the Finance and Business program (bachelor’s degree). It’s full-time and lasts four years. Who is it suitable for? Those who want to help governments, businesses, and non-profit organizations endure different types of risk. Those who want to build a career in commerce and beyond, as well as in management.

You will study not only accountancy, finance, and data analytics but also marketing, human resource management as well as entrepreneurship, and innovation. All the subjects are taught by experienced industry specialists and analysts. Also, don’t underestimate the power of viewing outside the classroom: some essential books will greatly enrich your knowledge. Later, you can tie your future with global business, new venture creation, eco-innovation, etc. 

Your expertise in psychology, law, sociology, and mathematics will also come in handy. Another amazing thing is that learners get a chance to go abroad to study in one of the international partner colleges.

As for Master’s programs, here are the best ones:

  • Banking and Risk;
  • Climate Change Finance and Investment;
  • Computational Mathematical Finance;
  • Finance and Business;
  • International Banking Law and Finance.

University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is the UK’s leading public research university. It is in the top 1% of colleges in the world. This school is one of the founders of Universitas 21, an international group of universities that set the standard for higher education around the world.

Interestingly, among its graduates, there are seven Nobel Prize winners, three Prime Ministers of Great Britain, the founder of modern economic theory, Adam Smith, as well as many talented scientists.

Getting a bachelor’s degree here will take you four years.

  • The first year is foundational. You’ll deepen your expertise in economics, finance, management, and accounting. Plus, you’ll work on numeracy, communication, and teamwork.
  • The second one focuses on statistics, financial markets, risks, asset pricing, and financial modeling. Students are engaged in group projects and make statistical analyses using real-world financial data.
  • The third and fourth years offer plenty of optional courses and help upgrade skills in advanced statistics and critical analysis. Teamwork aimed at presenting solutions to huge audiences will be fantastic preparation for future work in finance. 

The university has a special career center that helps students looking for internships, part-time or full-time jobs. Perhaps its specialists will inspire you to start your own business and discover some special talents. It also conducts master classes and individual consultations on resume writing, passing an interview, and completing a LinkedIn profile. 

There are also job fairs and events for employers. You should certainly try using an online job search system and an alumni contact app, as well as the university’s career advice podcast. All services are available for two years after graduation.

As for a Master’s degree, you can enter programs such as:

  • Finance & Management;
  • Economics, International Banking & Finance;
  • Financial Management;
  • International Finance;
  • Financial Risk Management, etc.

University of Aberdeen

Founded in 1495, the University of Aberdeen is considered one of the oldest and most honored universities in the UK. Generally, it doesn’t leave the top 5% in the world academic rankings. Nevertheless, the number of its students is quite average. No more than 14,000 learners go to this school. Approximately half of the students are foreigners.

As the university states, doing a Master of Arts in Accountancy and Finance, you prepare yourself for a career in media, politics, business, and international finance. You will also improve your evaluation and analytical skills. And this is extremely important in our fast-moving economy.

The main fields for study are the stock market, financial management, corporate and personal finance as well as derivatives. Given the huge study load, you’ll surely master the art of planning, organizing, and avoiding distractions to get brilliant results. By the end of learning, you’ll be aware of how to define the problem and predict the trends based on information from financial documents and newspapers. 

As in the universities described above, you will have close connections with real-life business situations and employers, as well as a delightful international atmosphere. And last but not least, experienced teachers and advisers will help you choose the right career path.

To Wrap It Up

Each of us has a unique definition of happiness. But everyone will agree that life satisfaction largely depends on whether a person is happy with what they do. Before entering a finance program, you must be aware that it requires great perseverance, attentiveness, and responsibility. Even more, you should be well-versed in analytical sciences since the amount of information being processed is large. 

All in all, it is worth noting that education doesn’t finish at the university. Constant self-development is crucial for every financier! In addition, thousands of young people get degrees in this field every year, which means competition will be quite high. Keep this in mind, but never doubt yourself, and always believe in your strength.

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