29th trade body to join CICV Scotland

Marion Marsland (TICA)

THE Thermal Insulation Contractors Association (TICA) has joined the Construction Industry Collective Voice (CICV), adding its expertise to Scotland’s coalition of trade and professional bodies.

CICV priorities include lobbying the Scottish Government to influence policy to push for positive action, as well as providing expert focus to important sector issues including commercial, employment, planning for the future, skills, and health and safety.

Marion Marsland, chief executive of TICA, said: “I believe our involvement with CICV will be a positive and beneficial step for all parties and underscores TICA’s commitment to actively engage in addressing the challenges within Scotland’s construction sector.

“TICA brings a depth of knowledge and experience in thermal insulation to the table, which I believe will significantly complement the collaborative efforts of the CICV.

“TICA intends to be an integral and active partner within CICV, using its expertise to support CICV’s collective endeavours to promote industry standards, sustainability and efficiencies within this vital part of Scotland’s economy.”

Alan Wilson, chair of CICV and managing director of SELECT, added: “TICA’s expertise adds significant value to our coalition, especially now, as the Scottish construction industry navigates both immediate challenges and long-term strategic concerns. Their participation reinforces our capability to champion fair and sustainable solutions for our sector effectively.”

“The inclusion of TICA as our latest member underscores the ongoing relevance and attraction of the CICV across the varied professions within Scotland’s construction sector. Each new member contributes to our collective strength and enhances our ability to advocate on important issues with government and industry sectors.”

Established in 1957, TICA represents companies involved in the installation and application of thermal insulation across the UK and promotes industry best practice and provides comprehensive quality training and qualifications. It becomes the 29th trade body to join the strategic alliance.

CICV began as the Construction Industry Coronavirus Forum, a critical response alliance established at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic to address immediate challenges facing Scotland’s construction sector.

In January 2022, acknowledging its initiatives’ expanded scope and lasting impact, the forum was rebranded as the CICV. This transition marked a new chapter in its mission, broadening its focus to include long-term strategic planning, policy influence, and enhancing industry standards while maintaining the agile and responsive approach that defined its origins.

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