27 firms secure a spot on vital £20m fire safety framework

Lesley Anderson (SPA)

A WIDE range of businesses have secured a place on a major eight-figure framework aimed at safeguarding social housing and public buildings and their occupiers.

This follows a competitive process conducted by the Scottish Procurement Alliance (SPA) to invite a pool of businesses to tender for a place on its Fire Safety framework, known as FS2.

Crucially, the framework addresses the assessment and remediation of cladding on public buildings, an issue of national importance following the 2017 Grenfell Tower disaster that resulted in 72 fatalities.

The 27 successful companies now have the potential to be awarded contracts directly and through mini-competitions worth up to £20m combined value.

Lesley Anderson, Regional Director for SPA, said: “This framework will empower councils, social landlords, the NHS, and a multitude of other public sector organisations to efficiently and cost-effectively maintain and upgrade buildings, ensuring they offer warm, comfortable, and safe living spaces that prioritise the protection of human life and property against the risks of fire.

“Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy, ensuring buildings are safe from fire has become an even greater focus for local authorities and those providing social housing.

“Our fire safety framework provides a firm reassurance to public organisations that any work or services they instruct will be carried out by proven, fully qualified experts who adhere to the most rigorous up-to-date standards and have gone through their paces to achieve a place.”

FS2 merges two previous SPA frameworks, incorporating comprehensive active and passive fire safety measures such as sprinklers, fireproofing and emergency lighting, alongside fire consultancy option nestled into the framework.

The consultancy component offers in-depth advice on fire safety, covering legislation, fire protection systems, and guidance on fire risk assessments. It also includes an analysis of fire safety solutions’ cost-effectiveness, ensuring a thorough approach to fire safety planning and execution.

The framework also covers fire panels, automatic opening ventilation (AOV) and – crucially in the wake of the Grenfell disaster – cladding assessment and remedial work.

It was developed with input from experts to meet post-Grenfell building safety legislation, introduced on both sides of the border.

Lesley added: “FS2 was created through extensive engagement and feedback from public sector organisations and the supply chain, while also capturing insight and knowledge achieved from the four other regions within our group, enabling us to understand fire safety requirements from both a local and national perspective.

“Each of our fire safety solutions delivers fantastic value and simplifies the procurement process for our partners in sourcing fire consultancy, protection systems, equipment, and other related services.

“With FS2, we have been fortunate to provide opportunities that not only offer financial advantages to a diverse array of fire safety firms but also boost local economies by promoting fire-safe buildings and infrastructure.

“This is a great opportunity for the appointed fire safety companies to contribute meaningfully to improve housing and building fire safety standards, at a crucial time when fire risks need to be mitigated effectively.”

SPA’s FS2 framework has awarded places across several regions, including Eastern Scotland, North Eastern Scotland, Highlands & Islands, West Central Scotland and Southern Scotland

SPA works with 120+ partners across the public sector, including small cooperatives, RSLs, and local authorities, and partners with over 260 suppliers ranging from micro companies to national firms all capable of providing crucial support services.

A not-for-profit organisation, SPA directs its surpluses to local communities through the Community Benefit Fund (CBF) in partnership with Lintel Trust. SPA currently has 538 live projects valued at close to £1 billion, supporting 260 suppliers.

Since its inception in 2017, the CBF has distributed more than £2 million in grants and match funding to assist over 100 community groups, charities, and various causes, generating a social value exceeding £5.1 million.

Businesses represented on the FS2 framework:

·         Adman Int Ltd

·         Ark Fire Protection

·         AC Whyte & Co Ltd

·         BB7 Consulting Limited

·         Bell Group Ltd

·         Clark Contracts Ltd

·         DM Integrated Ltd

·         Easy Heat Systems Ltd

·         Fire Compliance Management Services Ltd

·         Global HSE Solutions Ltd

·         Insulated Render Systems (Scotland) Ltd

·         Just Ask Estate Services Limited

·         Marlowe Fire & Security Limited

·         Momentum 4 Ltd

·         Oakleaf Surveying Limited

·         OpenView Security Solutions Limited

·         Premier Technical Services Group Ltd

·         Protec Fire Detection Plc

·         Q Fire Protection & Carpentry Limited

·         Qualifire Limited

·         Secure FM LTD

·         SPIE Scotshield Limited t/a Dalkia

·         SSG Support Services Group LTD

·         Tersus Consultancy Limited

·         Ventro Ltd

·         Xomni Ltd T/A Fire Safety First

·         FCS Live

To read more about the awarded suppliers, please read: https://www.scottishprocurement.scot/frameworks/property-protection-and-maintenance/fire-safety-fs2/

For more information on the Scottish Procurement Alliance, visit https://www.scottishprocurement.scot/

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