178 students to participate in Entrepreneurial Scotland’s Saltire Scholar Internship Programme

L-R: Ryan Muir, Sheryl How, Fai Johnson and Alexandra Dobrea
L-R: Ryan Muir, Sheryl How, Fai Johnson and Alexandra Dobrea

Some of Scotland’s most talented and ambitious students are set to start a once in a lifetime placement through Entrepreneurial Scotland’s Saltire Scholar Internship Programme.

This year, 178 students will take part in the programme which enables them to work with a range of leading organisations around the globe including in: USA, Canada, Italy, UAE, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Scotland and England.

Now in its 13th year, this is the largest cohort since the programme began and its popularity with student and host companies continues to grow year on year from 171 internships in 2018.

A number of first-time host companies are participating in 2019, including: Mitsubishi – Japanese multinational companies in a variety of industries; 99 Cents Only – California-based retail chain; Italo – Italy’s high speed rail network; Network Rail – Britain’s railway network; Hamilton & Inches – luxury jeweller based in Edinburgh‎; and the highly anticipated Project Heather – building Scotland’s Stock Exchange.

There are also many returning host companies who have supported the internship programme for many years including: GlaxoSmithKline; Petroleum Experts; Edinburgh Airport; Liberty Mutual; and Alexander Dennis Ltd.

Megan McFadzean, 2018 Saltire Scholar at Neogen Corporation in Nebraska, USA, said:

“The Saltire Scholar Programme has given me the chance to experience living in a new culture and country- something I never thought I would be able to do. It has pushed me to be the best version of myself, both professionally and personally and has given me an opportunity to represent the country I love so much.”

Gathering at The University of Strathclyde this week for a detailed induction, the students will formally begin their internships on 10th June, with 85 travelling overseas and the remainder undertaking placements around the UK. During their placements, which last 8-12 weeks, they will be working with organisations in a range of sectors from banking and legal services to the creative industries, engineering, manufacturing and technology and science.

Following their internships, scholars will become part of Entrepreneurial Scotland’s exclusive Saltire Alumni that is made up of 1200+ individuals who have participated in Saltire leadership programmes and are expected to become Scotland’s next generation of business leaders. It is an unparalleled network that allows peer-to-peer support, the exchange of ideas and advice and the depth of talent and expertise across all sectors.

Sara Cook, Head of Saltire Scholar Programme at Entrepreneurial Scotland, said:

“We are thrilled to have our largest number of students taking part in the Saltire Scholar programme this summer. 178 students from universities across Scotland will be exposed to unique entrepreneurial and global learning on their internships preparing them as future graduates to be astute and be ready for the working environment.

“For many Scottish businesses finding talented people with the right attitude, skills and ambition is a real challenge therefore developing the next generation remains a priority.

“At ES we are committed to diversity and are proud to demonstrate gender balance with 53% female participants to 47% male participants in this year’s co-hort.

“Finally supporting the popularity and growth of the programme we welcome some exciting new host companies in 2019 – from Aberdeen Standard in Singapore to Plexus Corporation in Wisconsin, USA – these are just two brilliant examples of global businesses that have strong connections to Scotland.”

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